After the first-come, first-served (FCFS) round ended on Saturday, 2, 19,439 students had been admitted in various colleges across the Mumbai Metropolitan region (MMR).

Saturday was the last day to confirm admissions under the first FCFS round. Students were allowed to apply for the round on the basis of their marks in three phases.

Students scoring 80% and above were eligible to pick a seat on August 27, followed by those scoring 60% and above on August 29. Those who have scored above 35% were given a chance to pick a seat on August 31.

A total of 8,036 students were allotted seats in the third phase of FCFS (35%-100%) of which only 5,357 took admissions in colleges.

“Most students who had registered for the FCFS seem to have got a college previously,” said an official from the state education department.

The education department would announce the seat matrix in colleges across MMR today. A second FCFS round would then be announced for those students who have still not registered for the admission process.

Students who have recently cleared their Class 10 ATKT exams and those from the other boards who have not been able to apply for the process yet would finally get a chance to do so in FCFS 2.

“A schedule for the second FCFS round would soon be declared” said the official.

Many students had cancelled their admissions, but the cancelled status was not reflected online. This prevented them from applying in the first FCFS round. After repeated requests from several students, authorities decided that such students can also apply in the next round.

Colleges have decided to conduct extra classes to ensure that the newly-joined students do not miss out on the lectures.

First Published: Sep 02, 2018 01:33 IST

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