As many as 40,083 classrooms in the State have become high-tech as part of the State government’s high-tech school project. “We have completed deployment of laptops, multimedia projectors, mounting kits, USB speakers and so on to 40,083 classrooms. Additionally, 16,500 laptops for computer labs will be deployed this week,” K. Anvar Sadath, vice chairman and executive director, Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), has said.

Nearly 60,000 laptops and 42,000 multimedia projectors have been provided to schools within six months of the inauguration of the programme, a statement from Mr. Sadath said.

All classrooms in 3,676 of the 4,752 government and aided high schools, higher secondary, and vocational higher secondary schools, have been made high-tech. In 702 schools, 70% classrooms have been made high-tech, but in 315 schools, less than 50% classrooms are high-tech. Malappuram district tops in the number of high-tech classrooms (5,096), followed by Kozhikode (4,105) and Thrissur (3,497).

The other extreme

There are 59 schools (with 439 classrooms) in the State where not even one classroom has been made high-tech, largely because renovation in these schools cannot be undertaken as approval has been given to them for constructing new buildings. A requisite of the high-tech school programme is safe and secure classrooms; only then will ICT equipment be provided to them.

However, to prevent schools from missing out on the benefits of the programme, Minister for Education C. Ravindranath had instructed KITE to conduct a survey, based on which laptops and projectors would be given to these schools in a certain proportion. The equipment should be kept in labs and teachers can take them to classrooms when required.

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