“What is God’s religion?”

“What is the religion of sunflowers?”

When two horses ask these question to God, he has no answer. Neither does he have an answer to the question posed by a mother on why her child and several other children had to be sacrificed for God’s games. Meanwhile, God is still searching for a piece of land where humans live to bury the dead child.

Sameerayude Kuthirakal
(‘Sameera’s Horses’), the play that is knocking at the doors of the National School of Drama to be included in this year’s Children’s Theatre Festival is a direct take on the Kathua incident in which an 8-year-old girl was raped and killed.

The play is presented through the point of view of the two horses, who had been witnesses to the tragedy.

The play directed by Bichoos Chilanka, under the banner of Kozhikode-based Chilanka Floating Theatre, is a children’s play. Ten students of St .Joseph’s Anglo-Indian Girls’ Higher Secondary School in Kozhikode have handled everything from costumes to lighting to stage management besides essaying various roles in the play. It is a children’s play in the sense that it interacts directly with children on a topic important to them.

The play brings to focus various instances of children being sexually abused and of children being attacked in the name of God and religion.

In the play, God is asked some relevant questions that force him to bow his head in shame. The protagonist Sameera expects to meet God one day and present him her sunflowers and ask him some questions that go unasked as she falls victim to criminals.

Babakku oru Kathu
, a poem by K. Sachidanandan, written in the backdrop of the Kathua incident, sets the tone for the play.

Chilanka Floating Theatre had performed its playFill in the blanks, a take on the degeneration of education in the country, at the NSD Children’s Theatre Festival in 2003.

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