In another four years, it would become mandatory for every institution to get accreditation for 2/3rd of its courses to receive approval, AICTE Chairman Anil D. Sahasrabudhe said here on Tuesday. He was speaking at a workshop for institutions in the five southern States to discuss the feedback on approval process for the current academic year and the suggestions for 2019-2020 at the Anna University.

The MHRD and the Niti Aayog had come down heavily on the Council for approving institutions with unaccredited courses, he said.

“If of the six programmes in a college four are not accredited, then the approval may be withdrawn. This is a regulation requested by the ministry to be implemented by the AICTE in order to maintain quality of standards in the institution,” he said.

The Chairman said he had sought four years’ time to comply with the requirement. “We told them that overnight it is very difficult to accredit 10,000 institutions,” he said. The Council would facilitate institutions in preparing self-assessment reports.

Niti Aayog had also insisted that institutions should put up all details regarding accreditation pending/process on their website, Mr. Sahasrabudhe said.

To a complaint from an institution in Udupi that the AICTE’s regional office was unresponsive he said the Council would open a Facebook page for the institutions to discuss with the chairman their issues.

On the concern that institutions with a NAAC score of over 3.26 were permitted to start courses and increase intake he said the Council reserved the right to withdraw the approval if written, signed complaints of violation of norms are received.

The council had approached the different boards of studies to give their requirements to enable the council ensure that the norms are followed, Mr. Sahasrabudhe said.

The Council was working on signing special accords as required for courses such as architecture and pharmacy to improve opportunities for students, he added.Anna University Vice Chancellor M.K. Surappa urged institutions to adhere to the systems and processes and not deviate or dilute the system.

If of the six programmes in a college four are not accredited, then the approval may be withdrawn

Anil D. Sahasrabudhe

AICTE Chairman

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