Police have arrested Ravichandran (42) of Padayachi Street at Palakarai in Tiruchi on the charges of cheating and threatening two persons seeking government jobs.

Based on the complaints filed by Senthilkumar and Balasubramanian of Natham, Dindigul Superintendent of Police Saktivel directed the District Crime Bureau to register a case. The complainants said they approached Ravichandran through a contact seeking government jobs.

Ravichandran promised them that he would get them government employment and collected money.

The police said a total of 11 persons had given Rs. 63 lakh collectively to the accused in 2015 to get government jobs. Since nothing happened in the three years, they urged Ravichandran to either return their money or get them jobs as promised.

Issued threats

But Ravichandran allegedly threatened them of dire consequences. Subsequently, Senthilkumar and Balasubramanian filed complaints with the police.

Inspector Vinodha and a team of DCB personnel arrested Ravichandran in Tiruchi. The police said during interrogation, the accused claimed to be the secretary of Tiruchi district information technology wing of the AIADMK.

Meanwhile, the police have appealed to the public not to get lured and cheated by such empty promises of securing government jobs.

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