Former chief minister and Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav took a Metro ride from Munshipulia to CCS airport with his wife and Member of Parliament Dimple Yadav, children Arjun, Aditi, Teena and senior party leaders Azam Khan and Ahmad Hasan on Sunday afternoon.

Sporting a red cap on, Yadav interacted with co-passengers, shook hands with children and sought blessings of elderly women in view of the coming Lok Sabha elections 2019. He told everyone that Metro trial run began in 2016. He said the Metro had brought prominence to Lucknow and added that the chief minister should have talked about its extension. He said Yogi took a Metro ride on March 8 but everybody knew the BJP government had no role in rolling out Metro services in Lucknow.

He also congratulated all the LMRC engineers for their hard work.

Akhilesh sent out a series of tweets during the journey, some of them taking a jibe at the ruling party.

“We are at Munshipulia—starting a journey on red line of Lucknow Metro. Choice before us is stark—we can choose between social engineering that benefits the few or technology that benefits the many. Whoever you may be, Lucknow Metro is at your service #ProgressForAll #MeraLucknow,” his first tweet said.

Another tweet read: Growth is driven by connections, allowing all to trade, creating an atmosphere of safety—not by beating up vendors because they speak Hindi in a different accent. Bhoothnath market has always thrived and today is better connected than ever before!#ConnectionsForAll #MeraLucknow.”

As the Metro passed Lucknow University, he sent out another tweet: “Lucknow University must keep up with the needs of the 21st century—provide world class education that enables all to compete at a global level. No one must be left behind. And perhaps some leaders need to learn basic physics—what goes up, must come down #EducationForAll #MeraLucknow.”

His fourth tweet read: No matter how people try to divide us, India is united — our spirit of love and brotherhood cannot be defeated. In the heart of Lucknow— Hazratganj — I invite you to join me on a journey to change our country for the better #CountryForAll #MakeEveryVoteCount #MeraLucknow.”

With Azam Khan next to him, Yadav tweeted: “Our farmers don’t just deserve our gratitude for feeding us. We have to build storage and freight infrastructure that will let our small farmers feed the world and reap the benefits themselves. #InfraForAll #FarmersFirst #MeraLucknow.”

His last tweet said: “Our airports prove India can take flight. They connect us to the world as it waits for our ideas, our skills and our energy. #JobsForAll.”

Managing director, LMRC, Kumar Keshav said, “Akhilesh Yadav came with his family and took a ride from Munshipulia to the airport.”

First Published:
Mar 11, 2019 12:00 IST

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