To keep the employees stress-free and happy, the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) has put in place a new system for ‘rationalisation’ of disciplinary action taken against them when found to be resorting to an offence.

Corporation’s Vice-Chairman and Managing Director N.V. Surendra Babu, after noticing that there was no uniformity in dealing with disciplinary cases across various units and that punishments are imposed arbitrarily in a large number of cases, disproportionate to the delinquencies, has designed a well thought-out procedural guidelines after discussions with senior officials and feedback from the union leaders.

Mr. Babu said a study revealed that about 40,000 minor and 1,000 major punishments were being awarded to employees every year.

“This is a very large compared to the employee strength of the organisation and it is understood that punishment rolls are being initiated for petty and flimsy reasons resulting in disgruntlement and unhappiness among the employees. An organisation like RTC whose strength is its workforce cannot afford to alienate its employees and expect to perform efficiently,” said Mr. Babu.

He said the nature of delinquencies and punishments were being reviewed to bring in uniformity, transparency and a sense of security and trust among the employees.

Under the new system, all types of offences have been categorised as minor and major offences and punishment proposed are standardised.

An Offence Rating Scale has been designed with points assigned to each type of minor offence and for each minor offence committed by the employee.

In the cases of major punishments, final order will be passed within one month from the date of submission of explanation by the employee to the show cause notice.

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