Vishwavallabha Tirtha Swami of Sode Mutt said on Friday that the ‘Aradhane’ ceremony of Lakshmivara Tirtha Swami of Shiroor Mutt, who passed away on July 19, has been scheduled for July 31 at the ‘moola mutt’ at Shiroor village in Udupi district.

Since the police are still conducting their investigation at the ‘moola mutt’, the conduct of the function there would be subject to clearance from the police, he said.

Speaking to reporters here, the Sode seer said he would soon be talking to the Superintendent of Police on this issue. The police had sought the custody of the ‘moola mutt’ for three days, but it was over a week now. But he would not disturb the investigation at Shiroor in any manner, no matter how much time it took.

“If the police did not hand over the ‘moola mutt’ by July 31, then the Aradhane would be held after the police hand over the place.

The ‘Aradhane’ would be held as per tradition,” he said. The construction of ‘vrandavana’ at the place where the Shiroor seer was laid to rest would be taken up after a year as per tradition, he said. To a query, the seer said the Sode Mutt, which had taken over the administration of the Shiroor Mutt as it was a ‘Dwandwa Mutt’ or pair mutt, had so far appointed a person each to look after the maintenance of the Shiroor Mutt in Udupi and the ‘moola mutt’ in Shiroor.

These two persons had knowledge about the Shiroor Mutt. A five-member committee would be appointed for the management of the Shiroor Mutt soon. To a question, the Sode seer said that he would appoint a seer to the Shiroor Mutt as soon as a candidate, who was above 18 years and had a proper grounding in religious texts, was found.

The Sode seer also said that he had no information of loss of any ledger in the Shiroor Mutt. He had no information about the loans taken by the Shiroor Mutt. “We will look into all these matters only after the police probe,” he said.

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