Disapproving of violence in the name of religion , Kanthapuram A.P. Abubaker Musliyar, general secretary, All-India Sunni Scholars Association, said on Wednesday that “no Muslim organisation has been entrusted with the task of defending the Muslim community using violence. No one needs to take to the streets in the name of Islam” .

At a news conference here, the Musliyar urged the State and Central governments to ban the activities of any organisations that indulge in fomenting trouble and propagating the ideology of Jihad.

“We are not seeking a ban on any particular organisation. That is up to the government to decide. But many organisations which had been proscribed earlier seem to have surfaced again as new outfits or have merged with others,” the Musliyar said in reply to a question.

The news conference was held in the wake of the killing of the Maharaja’s College student Abhimanyu.

“The Centre and State governments should be more vigilant in tackling violence through religious extremism that appeared to be spreading in the country,” he said.

Misinterpreting Koran

Without naming the Popular Front of India or the Social Democratic Party of India, whose activists have been in the eye of the storm, the Musliyar said that many organisations, “big and small,” had been trying to misinterpret the Koran and the Hadith.

He said that Islam never taught Muslims to resort to violence but only advocated humanitarianism. Misinterpreting the Koran was the root cause of the problem and this started from Salafism, he said, adding that the savagery unleashed by organisations should not be confined to a single outfit.

The Musliyar said that a campaign would be organised under the auspices of the Sunni Yuvajana Sangham against terrorism and extremism across the State. The dates of the campaign would be finalised soon, he said.

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