Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in adults over 40 years of age, said P.R.Vydianathan, Chairman, Department of Cardiology, at GKNM Hospital in the city.

World Heart Day

Speaking to media ahead of World Heart Day 2018 that falls on September 29, Dr. Vydianathan said that there was an alarming increase in persons suffering from CVD in Coimbatore city.

“Cardiovascular disease accounts for two out of every five deaths after the age of 40. With the sedentary lifestyle, the cases of heart problems are now increasing in the young population. I have come across patients in their 30s, who have heart disease,” he said.

Highlighting diabetes as a major risk factor for CVD, R. Balamurugan, Chief Diabetologist at Kovai Diabetes Speciality Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore, said that CVD accounts for two-third of all deaths in people with diabetes. “Reducing alcohol, and tobacco consumption, cessation of smoking, decreasing salt intake, increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, taking measures to curb obesity are some of the important steps that can help prevent CVD. Regular exercising, staying physically active, changing sedentary lifestyle, and managing stress also helps keep heart diseases at bay,” he said.

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