The 31-year-old accused broke into the woman’s house by breaking a glass door, said the police.

A 71-year-old woman in Bengaluru was allegedly raped by a 31-year-old man who broke into her house.

The accused, who has been arrested, is a neighbour of the woman. According to her complaint, on Saturday, she was taking a nap around 2.30 pm when the man entered her house by breaking the glass door.

“I heard the calling bell and found my neighbour on the first floor. When I asked him how he had entered my house, he told me the glass door had been broken, and he would get it repaired since he knows a carpenter.  I went to the ground floor and found the door broken,” she told the police in her complaint.

While the victim was examining the door, the man dragged her into a bedroom on the ground floor and sexually assaulted her. “After the incident, I lost consciousness due to bleeding. I came to senses around 6 pm,” she said in the complaint.

“I called my relatives and a neighbour woman for help over the phone. The neighbour came immediately, and I told her of the incident. Around 7.30 pm, my relatives came to my house and brought me to the police station to give the complaint,” the victim said.

After receiving the complaint, the police arrested the accused and registered a case of rape and house trespass. He was produced before the court, which remanded him in judicial custody.

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