The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) has announced grandiose plans to screen the FIFA World Cup matches live on big screen at the GVMC’s Indira Indira Priyadarsini Stadium from the quarter-finals onwards.

However, the screening of matches was suspended much to the disappointment of the football lovers of the city.

The original venue was changed just a day before the first quarter-final match of the FIFA World Cup.

Mosquito menace

June Gallyot, District Sports Development Officer, said, “The venue was shifted as the football association felt that the stadium would not be an ideal place for the screening due to prevalence of mosquitoes menace in the area in the evening.”

She said the venue was changed to beach road and the third quarter-final match between Sweden and England was screened on the big screen. However, as the fourth quarter-final between Russia and Croatia was scheduled at 11.30 p.m., the authorities chose to suspend screening of the match. As both the semi-final matches were also at 11.30 p.m they were not screened.

Besides the late revival of monsoon doesn’t make RK Beach an ideal location for the screening of matches. Ms Gallyot, however, said “we will screen the World Cup final match on beach road as it is accessible for the public.”

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