Designer Amit Aggarwal, who shares a special bond with Delhi, will showcase his collection “Crystalis” at the ongoing India Couture Week on Friday. His clothes will be a hybrid between a sari and a lehenga.

For the show, he has roped in his favourite actress Shilpa Shetty as the showstopper. “Shilpa is the closing the show for us. She is someone who has transcended that border of time and beauty. She has worn our clothes on important occasions of her life. So she is the voice of our brand.”

Nature inspired

Revealing the contours of his couture collection, he says: “It has been inspired by two natural phenomena, the formation of crystals at a molecular level and the enveloping of metallic chrysalis around a butterfly cocoon. This is the reason why I have titled my collection Crystalis.”

Earlier in fashion weeks, he had shown his mastery with knife pleating. However, this time he would dazzle fashionistas by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns. “When you look at something that resonates nature and adapt that into a modern approach is what biomimicry is. Like if you study a beehive structure, which is sustainable, and then you emanate that into your design.”

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