All departments should take steps to wipe out use of plastics in Kanniyakumari district, Monitoring Officer and Commissioner for Disaster Management Rajendra Ratnoo said on Saturday.

At a meeting held to discuss eradication of single-use plastics, he said that all local bodies, schools and colleges should join hands in creating anti-plastic awareness so that the ban, which comes into force on August 15, becomes a success. He urged government employees to use utensils, silverware and other reusable items while trying to identify alternatives to plastics.

Collector Prashant M. Wadnere promised that all departments would weed out plastic from now on and added that all steps to create awareness of the ban had been taken.

Additional Collector Rahulnath, Superintendent of Police Srinath, Sub-Collector, Padhmanabapuram Rajagopal Sunkara and Superintendent of Police Srinath were present.

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