Ferozepur Claiming that the Congress government had halted all development and welfare activities in the state, despite collecting thousands of crores of rupees as annual revenue in the form of GST and other taxes, Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal and Ferozepur MP said it was the regime’s evil intentions that were pushing the state into backwardness.

“Mismanagement and ill-conceived policies of the Captain government are the real reasons behind the current economic mess in the state… the coffers of the state were never empty,” Sukhbir said, addressing a gathering at the protest rally of the SAD against the Congress government’s anti-people policies and its alleged U-turn on poll promises.

“Even after manifold hike in all taxes, the Congress government was refusing to give any welfare benefits to the downtrodden. I promise a better future for Ferozepur after the SAD-BJP returns to power in the next assembly elections,” he said, claiming that the Congress government was ‘inefficient’ and it had annoyed the Punjabis with its fake promises and deceptive policies.

He claimed, “Irrigation channels will be cemented during the first year of our government, if we are voted to power. All villages will be provided with concrete streets, sewerage system and water supply facilities on the pattern of cities.” He also promised restarting the SC scholarship and other social benefits that, he claimed, the Capt government had stopped.

He also claimed that police officers targeting innocent citizens at the behest of the Congress leaders would be punished, if they came to power. “We will terminate the services of such officers,” he added.

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