Centre for Biomaterial Testing has been developed at the Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone, near Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, to address various unmet clinical needs and challenges with regard to newer biomaterials.

Biomaterials are materials of natural origin, or made synthetically, which can be implanted to replace or repair missing tissue.

The centre assumes significance in view of the need for testing services in healthcare technology such as regenerative dentistry, bone graft, tissue scaffolds, wound care, implantable devices, and cosmetic surgery.

The centre has facilities such as sterility, physiochemical, histopathology evaluation, accelerated ageing and package validation.

The tests are performed in accordance with international standards such as ISO and ASTM, a spokesman for the A.P. MedTech Zone has said.

The state-of-the art laboratory, which is primarily intended for medical device industry for physiochemical evaluation as well as biological evaluation of samples, can also service industries such as chemical, polymer and pharmaceuticals, to evaluate the characteristics of materials using spectroscopic and imaging modalities.

The facility will allow the manufacturers to test their products at a very low-cost price and assists them to overcome deficiencies in their products, thereby enhancing product value in the market.

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