To ease the water woes of Kharghar to Panvel in Navi Mumbai, which falls under the jurisdiction of City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco), the government agency has taken several measures for the same as the fast developing regions have long been suffering from severe water shortages. The measures include plans to reserve water by making payment to concerned agency, speeding up various works and appointing consultant to advice on improving water supply in the Cidco nodes.  

Cidco vice-chairman and managing director Sanjay Mukherjee said, “The board of Cidco Ltd has approved a proposal to pay ₹119.18 crore to Konkan Irrigation Development Corporation (KIDC). This will enable us to reserve water to the tune of 120 million litres per day (MLD).”  

Mukherjee said that a micro-tunnelling work project to allow drawing additional water from Hetwane dam is also approaching completion.  

Water from Hetwane dam often pass through slopes, due to which the water supply is of low pressure. In a bid to deal with the issue, Cidco started the work of constructing underground aqueduct for Hetwane dam last year. The excavation work of the tunnel beneath Hamrapur hill for the pipeline, connecting Hetwane dam to the city, at the depth of 20-25 metre is near completion. This project is to be completed till February-end. Thus, Cidco will receive an additional quota of 30 MLD water from Hetwane dam, an official said.  

Presently, water from Hetawane dam is supplied to Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC) region along with some nodes and nearby villages under the jurisdiction of Cidco. Till now, Cidco had reserved 150 MLD water from Hetwane dam.  

Besides, the state government has handed over Kondhane dam of Karjat taluka with 250 MLD to Cidco. However, the planning of this dam project is under process.  

The population of Panvel and Uran taluka, developed by Cidco as south Navi Mumbai, has reached 20 lakh. By considering the increasing population in the city, the water demand of the city is likely to increase to 1,275 MLD by the year 2050. Hence, Cidco is looking to get additional 120 MLD water from Hetawne dam.  

Mukherjee added, “Cidco will appoint an expert agency for proper planning of water supply for Cidco colonies coming under PCMC jurisdiction, Ulwe, Dronagiri and various upcoming projects of Cidco. This agency will conduct a thorough study of the entire water supply system and water resources and accordingly guide Cidco for water supply management.”

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