Collector S. Prabhakar on Tuesday inspected the functioning of a noon meal centre at Bharathi Kalvi Nilayam Higher Secondary School at Nasiyanur and inquired with students about the quality of food being supplied to them.

The Collector along with Deputy Collector (Training) S.A. Padmaja and other officials inspected the kitchen at the government-aided school and also tasted the food being served to the students. He inquired with the supervisor whether food is served on time and students liked the food. He asked the students about the quality and taste of the food and whether the food is served as per schedule.

Later, he inspected the ration shop number AB 023 functioning under the Nasiyanur Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank and verified the stocks and the register. He verified the quality of paddy and other commodities and whether they are maintained and distributed properly.

The Collector inquired with a few consumers whether the shop is functioning regularly and commodities are supplied on time. He also visited the village administrative office at Nasiyanur and verified the records and interacted with the people who came to submit various applications.

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