Sridevi Logavi of the Congress and Gopal Ghatakamble of the BJP were elected the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor, respectively, of the Vijayapura City Corporation on Saturday.

They secured 20 votes each, defeating Vidya Kavatagi of the BJP for the Mayor’s post and Santosh Chauhan of the NCP for the post of the Deputy Mayor.

Basanagouda Patil Yatnal, BJP MLA, and Devananda Chauhan, JD(S) MLA, also voted in the election.

This is the second time that Mr. Ghatakamble has become the Deputy Mayor, after he won in 2016 with the support of the Congress, the JD(S) and the BJP corporators.

In the election, one out of the 35 corporators, Ravindra Loni, was absent.

Meanwhile, the election is seen as a setback to Mr. Yatnal and a victory for the former Ministers, M.B. Patil of the Congress and Appu Pattanshetty of the BJP.

Mr. Ghatakamble is known to be close to Mr. Pattanshetty, who is a political rival of Mr. Yatnal.

Because Mr. Ghatakamble is from Mr. Pattanshetty’s camp, Mr. Yatnal had reportedly voted for Mr. Chauhan.

When Mr. Yatnal realised that no corporator from his camp was winning, Mr. Yatnal walked out even before the announcement of the result.

Later, speaking to presspersons, Mr. Ghatakamble said that he was not aware why Mr. Yatnal voted against him. “You should ask him this,” he said. Ms. Logavi said that unlike her predecessor, Sangeeta Pol who was accused of not calling the general meeting regularly, she would convene regular meetings for development of the city.

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