Consumer organisation Coimbatore Consumer Cause has appealed to the State Highways Department to widen the Marudamalai Road to an uniform width from Karupparayan Temple to Kalidass Theatre.

The organisation secretary K. Kathirmathiyon said in a press release that the government had given funds for land acquisition and the land owners were paid by the department to take over the land. However, in some areas, especially where there are traffic bottlenecks, the road is not widened to 23.5 metres. When the land acquisition was carried out, why was the design prepared in such a way to leave out some buildings, he asked. “Public interest should prevail over private interest and we strongly feel that officials concerned had deliberately – for their own reasons – not widened some spots,” Mr. Kathirmathiyon said.

Since the road is not widened in key areas, traffic congestion problem continues. The organisation appealed to the Highways Department to maintain the minimum width of the road as 23.5 metres. “If any violations are noticed, we would be compelled to bring the matter to the knowledge of all the appropriate authorities of the Government, besides moving the court,” he said.

After almost six years, the Highways Department completed land acquisition last year for 1.5 km from Karupparayan Temple to Kalidas Theatre to widen the road into a four-lane one.

The department had paid almost Rs. 4 crore towards compensation to the land owners.

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