The Madras High Court on Tuesday granted a week’s time to Assistant Solicitor General G. Karthikeyan to ascertain from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry as to whether 1,269 students who had reportedly applied for medical seats in Tamil Nadu last year had dual nativity certificates.

Justice N. Kirubakaran directed the ASG to obtain the details by July 10. He also directed Special Government Pleader T.M. Pappaiah to find out whether his earlier directions to make production of Aadhaar compulsory during the ongoing medical counselling session had been complied with or not.

The judge had passed the interim order on a batch of writ petitions filed last year by candidates who complained that many students from the State could not gain admission in the colleges here because natives of other States garnered a considerable number of seats by making false claims of being residents of Tamil Nadu.

“To confirm that genuine State candidates are benefited under the State quota, it is appropriate to make the production of Aadhaar and a photocopy of the same compulsory at the time of counseling. By this method, students of other States could be prevented from getting the benefit under the State quota,” the order said.

During the hearing of the case on Tuesday, the judge said that reports of suicides by students every year due to their inability to gain admission could be reduced considerably if the parties come forward to sponsor the poor students.

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