Data also shows that between March 1 and June 9 this year, 26,292 children tested Covid positive with nine children succumbing to the virus

Around 14 per cent of the total active Covid-19 patients in the city, at present, are below 18 years of age. Preparing itself for the possible third wave, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is scaling up the health infrastructure for the treatment of paediatric patients considering it is likely to affect the children.

Data shared by PMC shows that, at present, 484 children are active patients of Covid-19 as of June 9 and 71 of them are recuperating in the hospitals. Of these, nine are on oxygen support and the rest are on routine beds.

Data also shows that between March 1 and June 9 this year, 26,292 children tested positive for Covid-19. This comprised 9.73 per cent of the total number of 2,70,337 patients who tested positive in the city in the second wave. The recovery rate of children is high at 98.13 per cent with nine children (0.03 per cent) succumbing to the deadly virus during the period.

The PMC, after witnessing more children getting tested positive for Covid-19 in the second wave, has focused on setting up infrastructure for paediatric patients.

It has planned 29 health facilities for the treatment of children with Covid-19 while reserving a total of 573 beds, including 65 ICU and 48 ventilators, for the pediatric patient.

Also, the PMC has 206 health facilities with around 12,000 beds for the treatment of Covid-19 patients of all categories. It consists of 767 ventilators, 624 ICU beds, 6,402 Oxygen beds and 3,384 without oxygen beds.

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