Comparing the current parliamentary system to the 12th century’s ‘Anubhava Mantapa’, Jayanna, vice-president of the Raichur City Municipal Council (CMC), has said that the present system in the country is “breaking down” gradually. Therefore, it is required to adopt principles that were followed in the ‘mantapa’, he stressed.

“The Anubhava Mantapa was formed by saints including the social reformer Basaveshwara. But in the present scenario nobody can expect such values. Thus, we have to change the system,” he said at the Hadapada Appanna birth anniversary celebrations here on Friday. He said that though Hadapada Appanna was born in the lower caste, he was part of the ‘Anubhav Mantapa’ and joined other saints to eradicate social evils.

Suresh H. Balaganur, who gave a special lecture, said that government has been celebrating the birth anniversary of Appanna to respect the saint of the Hadapada society. Appanna wrote nearly 1,000 vachanas but just 250 were discovered. Therefore, efforts have to be done to bring out the rest of the vachanas, he urged.

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