Delay in providing reservation for women in the legislature and Parliament is akin to denying equal opportunities for women in politics, according to former Minister C. Motamma.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Karnataka Mahila Daurjanya Okkootta on elections and women-related issues here on Sunday, Ms. Motamma said it was pity the issue of providing reservation for women in the legislature and Parliament was being discussed for long but the implementation was getting delayed for random reasons. “Delay in implementing reservation for women is against the spirit of democracy,” she said.

Stressing the need for creating greater awareness among women on the importance and their right to vote, she said a large chunk of women are still deprived of independence to do so and usually go by the opinion of the men in their household. “Women should shun such practices and decide on their own whom to vote for. This apart, the women elected as representatives in the local bodies should utilise the reservation properly and raise issues related to women,” she said.

Writer Malati Pattanshetty bemoaned the habit of political parties to ignore women and treat them in an inferior manner. “It is the need of the hour to ensure dignity for women entering politics. The women’s organisations ofthe State should form a congregation and help women elected representatives to inculcate leadership qualities and muster the strength to face all odds in their way and earn reputable positions in their chosen fields,” she said.

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