Residents of the JJ cluster near Nangloi railway station claimed that the tracks on the opposite side of their houses are used by people who abuse drug and alcohol. They also claimed that cases of snatching are rampant in the area.

Santosh (60), a resident of the area, said that people come to the tracks at any time of the day to drink. “Be it morning, afternoon or evening, people sit on the tracks and drink. After sunset, the crowd increases and we see people abusing all sorts of drugs as well,” she alleged, adding that the situation worsens during the winter due to less visibility and fear of being objected to.

A worker, who identified himself as Jai Kishan (47), said that he has been a victim of attempts of snatching and robbery several times. “I often return home late from work and there have been so many times when I have been stopped by drunk men who tried to rob me. They fled after I raised an alarm every time,” he said.

Women living in the area claimed that because of the alcohol and drug addicts, they do not feel safe when they return home at night or use the railway track, but are helpless. “Railway tracks are a shortcut. We have to use the tracks but they are really unsafe,” said a 22-year-old who did not wish to be named.

Locals also claimed that despite complaining about the matter to the local police and at the police post at Nangloi Railway Station, none has visited or inspected the area. They also said that a police post, which was constructed more than eight years ago, is now reduced to rubble. “An officer used to come to the police post, but he did that only for a month. After that, it has remained empty for years. Now it is completely deserted and in ruins,” said Santosh.

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