States have started working on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 72-hour formula of rigorous tracing and testing.

“It is difficult to check mobile locations of 200 people for contact tracing as number of Covid-19 cases is really high,” said Additional Commissioner Anil Garg on Friday. Garg is responsible for contact tracing and further isolating people who came in contact with positive patients in the UT.

States have started working on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 72-hour formula of rigorous tracing and testing.

When asked if any more committees were constituted or any plan has been chalked out for rigorous contact tracing after the PM’s address, Garg said, “We are already carrying out rigorous contact tracing. Our teams go to the person’s relatives house also and ask them about who all has the patient met. Only on that basis we do the contact tracing. The number of people a person comes in contact determines on the kind of work the person does.”

When asked if the administration is taking any cyber help to track contacts, Garg said, “We used to take it earlier. But now, the thing is that cases have increased. It is difficult.”

UT Passes new orders- Odd-even to continue

UT Adviser Manoj Parida passed revised orders on Friday about the odd-even scheme being followed in the markets and which markets will be closed.

The orders specified that Sukhna Lake will remain closed for visitors on Saturdays and Sundays until further orders.

Shops in markets will continue on odd-even formula in as many as 11 markets from August 15 to August 24. These markets include Krishna Market, Sector 41, Market area near old PNB Bank/Bihari Garment, Burail Chowk, Shastri Market, Sector 22, Patel Market, Sector 15, Sector 8 Internal Market, Azad Market, Sector 20, Palace Market, Sector 20, Booth Market, Sector 21, Palika Bazar, Sector 19, Sadar Market, Sector 19 and Janta Market, Sector 27.

The Electronic Market, Sector 18, Chandigarh will remain closed on odd-even formula for ten days upto August 24. It will be the same for Scooter Repair Market, Sector 43, Chandigarh which will remain closed on Sundays till August 24.
Basement of these shops SCO 1010-11-Radha Market,SCO 1030-31- Attari Market SCO 1003-04 in mobile market, Sector 22 will remain closed for next ten days.

“Rest of the buildings, where chambers/cabins are located, will remain closed on odd-even basis, as per the plan finalised by local SDMs will coordinate with Market Associations for smooth functioning and strict enforcement of the orders,” specified the orders.

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