Suspecting her of having an affair, a man allegedly shot dead his 18-year-old girlfriend in north Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh, police said on Sunday. Police officials said the man tried to convince eyewitnesses as well as investigators that he “accidentally” fired at the woman.

In his attempt to pull off the “perfect murder”, 29-year-old Pradeep Sehrawat would “practice” firing an empty pistol in front of his friends so that when he finally shot his girlfriend, he could claim it was an accident, said deputy commissioner of police (north-west) Aslam Khan.

Sehrawat’s alleged plan included two eyewitnesses who he thought would back his “concocted story”, but one of them decided to blow the lid.

DCP Khan said Sehrawat and his girlfriend Ritika Thakur were in a live-in relationship for the past year. Thakur worked as a domestic help and had begun living with Sehrawat in Shalimar Village after her mother and sister left for their native village in Bihar following her father’s death. Sehrawat worked as a disc jockey.

“Sehrawat tried control every aspect of Thakur’s life. He was often was jealous and would beat her if he suspected her of speaking to any other man,” said the DCP. He particularly did not like her interactions with her childhood friend Rohit who lives nearby, said the officer.

When Thakur could take it no more, she had briefly left for her native village before returning to him earlier this month. “In the meantime, Sehrawat planned to kill her and procured a country-made pistol from Uttar Pradesh,” said the DCP.

Since Monday, Sehrawat had allegedly begun organising get-togethers at his home. He would intentionally invite Thakur’s friend Rohit and a woman friend for these parties. “During these get-togethers, Sehrawat would frequently pose with the pistol and pretend to fire blank shots at others,” said the DCP.

As the four of them partied on Thursday night, Sehrawat again started playing with the gun. “But when it was the turn to fire a blank shot at Thakur, Sehrawat secretly loaded it with a bullet and fired. The bullet hit the woman in her armpit and pierced through her heart,” said the DCP.

Sehrawat then tried to convince Rohit and the other woman that the firing they had witnessed was accidental. “He requested them to tell police a concocted story that Thakur was receiving threats from a jailed stalker. He asked them to tell investigators that this stalker landed at their door and shot Thakur,” said the officer.

The trio then rushed Thakur to a private hospital in the neighbourhood. Minutes later, Sehrawat rushed back home to dress up the crime scene so that it was consistent with his story, said the DCP. The police had not been informed until then.

But Sehrawat’s story did not go down well with one of the eyewitnesses – the woman. She decided to call the police control room. Meanwhile, Sehrawat had returned to the hospital to check if Thakur had died.

“When Sehrawat realised that the police were being informed, he tried to slip away from the hospital. But an alert guard at the hospital found his behaviour suspicious and had ensured he did not escape,” DCP Khan.

During interrogation, Sehrawat tried to maintain the “jailed stalker” story, but Rohit and the other woman decided to reveal it all to the police. “Sehrawat was arrested on Friday and sent to judicial custody,” said the officer.

First Published: Aug 27, 2018 04:58 IST

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