The monsoon lull being experienced by Telagnana could extend into the third week of August, weathermen said, while explaining the week-long dry spell.

The State’s rainfall receipts from the monsoon were down to three-percent above normal on Sunday. Absence of rain weather systems in the neighbourhood during the past week is likely to turn into a monsoon break, India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) extended rainfall models show.

“We are expecting lull in monsoon over Telangana. The extended rainfall model valid till last weekend showed rainfall activity will pick up in the third week of August,” said Dr. Naga Ratna of IMD Hyderabad.

According to IMD, Telangana received 367 mm rainfall against a normal of 358 mm until Sunday. In the last one week, the State’s rainfall receipts dipped 56% below normal. As on Sunday seven districts recorded deficient rainfall, 20% or more below normal, while 10 districts recorded up to 20% below-normal rainfall .

Dr. Ratna explained that the monsoon trough is north of its normal position, causing a lull or break in monsoon. The monsoon trough is a low-pressure belt extending from north-west India to the Bay of Bengal. Peninsular India receives good rainfall when the trough is south of its normal position.

Central and southern parts of the State have witnessed longer dry spells than northern Telangana. During June and July, a bulk of weather systems that formed in the Bay of Bengal travelled north-westward into India, giving rainfall in northern districts in their wake.

Hyderabad district and its surrounding areas have witnessed increasing deficiency. The city’s core is 27% deficient while neighbouring districts Malkajigiri, Sangareddy and Medak are 29 %, 36 % and 38% deficient.

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