The Department of Legal Metrology issued an order after meeting management of multiplexes pointing out that dual-pricing system is a violation of existing laws.

“The system of dual-pricing is in violation of the terms of Legal Metrology. With effect from August 1, 2018, the provisions of Weights and Measures Act will be enforced strictly in this regard,” the order reads.

Quoting relevant sections of the Act, including section 18(1), the order reiterated that those selling items in ‘non-standard’ packages can be fined Rs. 25,000. Subsequent violations may attract a Rs. 50,000 fine and imprisonment of up to a year.

“You are requested to ensure that the shops situated in the cinema theatres and multiplexes comply with the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, and rules made thereunder in order to protect the interests of consumers,” the order reads.

Speaking to
The Hindu
, a department official said, “The controller of Legal Metrology Akun Sabharwal issued orders on July 17. The dept. will take strict action against violations.”

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