A resolution condemning non-release of funds to the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) by the Delhi government was passed by the Standing Committee of the corporation on Thursday.

The State government is supposed to give funds to the corporations for various requirements, such as infrastructure projects, under the ‘plan head’ of the corporation budget.

The funds to be released currently are determined by recommendations of the Fourth Finance Commission, which has been awaiting approval since 2013.

The Delhi High Court had in April directed the government to release the funds owed from November 2017 to the North and East Delhi Municipal Corporations.

The EDMC Standing Committee’s resolution said the State government owed the the civic body Rs. 10,228 crore, calculated from 2013. It added, “We have not been given any money since April this year.”

The EDMC’s revenue is said to have increased by about 30% from Rs. 762 crore for 2016-2017 to Rs. 968 core for 2017-2018.

Given this rise, the resolution declared, the “stubborn attitude” of the State government was responsible for the EDMC’s economic crisis.

The Standing Committee has recommended initiation of legal proceedings against the State government for violating the High Court’s orders.

This comes two days after the North Corporation Mayor recommended during a House meeting initiation of contempt proceedings against the State government.

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