A wild elephant was found dead in a mango orchard abutting the forests of Thumbukuppam at Setteri village of Bangarupalem mandal, about 35 km from here, on Monday.

According to information, the carcass of the elephant was spotted around 7.30 a.m. On receiving a complaint from the orchard owner, forest officials from Chittoor and Palamaner rushed to the spot and initiated an inquiry. Local farmers said they had seen the animal moving close to the mango orchards on Sunday evening.

Divisional Forest Officer (Chittoor) T. Chakrapani told
The Hindu
that the reason for death of the elephant could be “indigestion”. The animal had reportedly strayed from its herd and reached a faraway location reaching close to Irala beat, several km away from the regular habitat of Koundinya wildlife sanctuary.

The official ruled out the possibility of electrocution, as there were no signs pertaining to it. As bad odour was emanating from the mouth and rear of the animal, it was observed that the elephant could be suffering from pain for the last two weeks. It was confirmed that the animal was aged around 22 years, and a male. During post-mortem, it was found that the pachyderm had swallowed huge quantity of mangoes.

The DFO said that about 40 elephants were inhabiting the Koundinya wildlife sanctuary, and got split into three or four groups. “We have evidence that about three or four rogue elephants are on prowl, though they occasionally join their parental herds,” he said.

Meanwhile, a team of veterinary experts from SV Zoo park and SV Veterinary University at Tirupati reached the spot and conducted the post-mortem.

Later, the animal was buried in the orchard itself after deploying an earthmover. Prior to the burial, some farmers and officials performed traditional pujas to the carcass. The officials have preserved the tusks measuring 75 cm length and 29 cm girth.

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