People in Europe are evincing interest to learn Sanskrit and Hindi languages in order to understand the ancient Indian culture and heritage, said Prof. Milena Bratoeva, Head of Classical East Department, University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

She was delivering a lecture on ‘Language and Culture’ at a meet organised jointly by the Department of Foreign Languages, Andhra University, and the Linguistics Research Society here on Friday. Prof. Milena said that there has been growing importance for understanding contemporary Vedic and Hindi literature, Sanskrit, yoga and Ayurveda practices of India. A professor of Vedic Literature, Sanskrit Kavya and Contemporary Hindi Literature, she said that more than 300 universities and colleges in the world have Departments of Indology.

‘Learn more languages’

Further she pointed out that language gives insight into contemporary issues of the respective society. She suggested that the students should learn more languages to experience the culture when they visit a foreign land.

Prof. D.V.R. Murthy, Head, Department of Foreign Languages, said that younger generations are neglecting their mother tongue and learning other languages and therefore there is a need to inculcate the spirit of understanding their own culture and language.

Dr. K. Shanthi, president of Linguistics Research Society, Mr. Challa Krishnaveer Abhishek, Soft Skills Trainer, and Mr. B.V.K. Chaitanya, and others spoke.

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