Experts at the formation day function of Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative Ltd. (CAMPCO) here on Wednesday urged the cooperative to venture into procurement and marketing of jackfruit.

CAMPCO now procured and marketed arecanut, cocoa, rubber and pepper. The Central Registrar of Cooperatives, under the Union Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, on February 9, 2018 approved the by-laws of CAMPCO that were amended to enable the cooperative to enter the business of cashewnut and coconut.

Speaking on the occasion, Shree Padre, executive editor, Adike Pathrike, a farm monthly, and a crusader for jackfruit, and Vigneshwara Varmudi, an agricultural economist, said that the time is ripe for the cooperative to enter into jackfruit business. Jackfruit grew naturally in the farmland of arecanut growing members of the cooperative. In addition, its orchards are coming up in the State now in a big way.

Mr. Padre said that the countdown for jackfruit development has begun in the country. Jackfruit is no longer a seasonal crop. Its pulp is available throughout the year in Kerala and parts of Maharashtra. A number of value-added products could be made using the pulp alone. “Jackfruit is the super food for the future,” he said.

He said that jackfruit is highly nutritive; it has more fibre and grows naturally and hence, there are no issues of chemical application of fertilizers and pesticides being involved.

Mr. Padre said that in North India, tender jackfruit, which is sold as vegetable there, is sold at a rate of Rs. 25-Rs. 100 a kg. There is passion and demand for tender jackfruit in many parts of North India. In Kerala, jackfruit parlours have come up. Some of the parlours sold jackfruit milkshake. About 30 jackfruit processing units have come up in Kerala.

He said that a customised machine for making pappad or happala of jackfruit is needed.

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