The eldest daughter of the family, 11 members of which were found dead in their Delhi house on Sunday morning, said they must have been murdered.

Sujata, the eldest daughter of Narayan Devi, is married and lives in Panipat district of Haryana. She arrived here after learning of the tragedy.

“I spoke to my mother, brother and sister-in-law over the phone on June 30 at 10 p.m. Everything was fine. We had a long chat. But on Sunday morning I got a call from a relative informing me about the death of all my family members. Someone has definitely killed them. I request the police to find the murderer,” she said.

Everyone in the family was happy and preparing for Priyanka’s marriage, she said. “My brothers did not have enemies in the locality. They have always helped people in the neighbourhood. There is no reason for the family to commit suicide. Everyone was doing well,” she added.

The Bhatia family shifted to Delhi from Alwar district of Rajasthan around 22 years ago. Narayan Devi had three sons and two daughters.

The eldest son, Dinesh Bhatia, lives in Kota, Rajasthan. Pratibha was a widow and lived with her brothers Bhavesh and Lalit in Delhi.

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