The local people and farmers of the villages surrounding Edappadi town downstream of Mettur Dam were expecting the government to release adequate water in River Cauvery for Aadi Perukku festival.

Special pujas

Aadi Perukku is celebrated in a grand manner, particularly by people residing in the villages on the banks of River Cauvery. The festival, which falls on the 18th day of Tamil month
, will witness thousands of people, the newly weds in particular, taking holy dip in the Cauvery and perform special pujas on the banks.

A large number of devotees take bath and offer special prayers in River Cauvery in Poolampatti, Koneripatti, Kalvadangam, and other villages surrounding Edappadi town.

The devotees used to bring the urchavar idols from the temples across the district and clean them in the Cauvery water and take them back to the temples.

Whenever the Mettur Dam was not opened on the customary date of June 12 due to poor storage level, the government used to release additional water in the river to enable the devotees to take holy dip and perform special prayers.

At present, Stanley Reservoir is receiving heavy inflow of water for the last few days and the storage level has already crossed 85 ft. People expect the government to come out with the announcement on the release of water with the commencement of
on July 17.

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