Police sources have revealed that criminals Dilpreet, Rinda and Lucky were once detained by Batala police following a minor accident in that city.

However, they managed to conceal their identity and told the policemen that they were trying to work out an agreement with the other party involved in the accident and also wanted rush to the hospital to check on another colleague in hospital who had been injured in the accident.

They escaped from the spot in the vehicle of a milk vendor, it was learnt. No one was admitted to the hospital.

Gangsters taking to drugs a worry for cops

Are big time gangsters running drug syndicates in Punjab, Chandigarh and neighbouring areas? Interrogation of notorious gangster Dilpreet Singh Baba, now admitted to the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research after being injured in an encounter with the police in Chandigarh, has given Punjab police cause for worry.

“ We were under the impression that gangsters were running only extortion syndicates and doing contract killings and not involved in the smuggling of chitta and other drugs,” said a senior police official interrogating Dilpreet on condition of anonymity as he was not authorised to speak to the media.

“Dilpreet’s questioning has added a new angle to the drug trade in the state. While it was suspected earlier that the drug mafia, politician and police nexus was behind the drug menace in the state, it’s confirmed now that gangsters are also involved,” he added.

Dilpreet himself was involved, with wanted criminal Harvinder Singh alias Rinda supplying drugs to him from Maharashtra for further supply down the line, he added.

Officials questioning Dilpreet were surprised by the names he disclosed of notorious gangsters involved in the supply of heroin, smack, chitta (a heroin-based narcotic concoction) and other drugs in the region.

“Some gangsters are using their connections and resources in the countryside to help in smuggling and supply of drugs,” the police official said.

Dilpreet’s questioning revealed that notorious criminal Jaipal Singh Bhullar’s gang was in the business of smuggling and supplying arms and ammunition to criminals. “Most of the weapons and ammunition recovered from Dilpreet were provided to him by Jaipal through his close aides,” the official said.

“Jaipal and Rinda stay in touch regularly and the latter had also asked Jaipal for more weapons. Dilpreet was in touch with his gang members Bhudha, Lucky and Akash.”

Dilpreet had also said that many gangsters he knew, especially Jailpal, were very fond of Hollywood movies, especially crime thrillers, practically following most of the action sequences while committing the crimes.

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