The initiative of the Salem Corporation to dissuade the people from dumping dry wastes in the open by setting up dry waste collection centres in the city have brought the desired results.

About 3,550 metric tonnes of dry wastes have been collected in the four dry waste collection centres functioning in Suramangalam, Hasthampatti, Ammapettai and Kondalampatti zones since this concept was introduced last year.

The corporation set up the dry waste collection centres in July last year to prevent the people from depositing the same in public places.

According to R. Sadheesh, Corporation Commissioner, about 350 – 400 tonnes of solid wastes are collected by the corporation every day. This included 30 per cent to 40 per cent of plastic and dry wastes.

Under the solid waste management programme, the residents were directed to segregate the degradable and bio-degradable wastes at source itself, before being collected by the conservancy workers. Many households, shopping complexes, marriage halls, hotels, lodges and tea stalls were depositing the dry wastes without segregating them in the drainages, badly choking them. This led to flooding of residential localities during the monsoon period, which in turn posed a serious health hazard. The corporation introduced the system of collecting the dry wastes like plastic articles, coconut shells, glass and plastic bottles, card boards, aluminium utensils, iron rods, and oil and milk sachets separately from the public through its conservancy workers. The same were deposited in the collection centres.

To encourage the conservancy workers to collect more dry wastes, reasonable money was provided to them based on the weightage of the wastes. As such, so far 3,550 tonnes of dry wastes were deposited by the conservancy workers in the four collection centres.

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