While eradicating use-and-throw plastic products from all government offices in the district by August 15, officials should ensure eradication of plastic from the premises of schools and colleges by September 15, Monitoring Officer and Commissioner for Disaster Management Rajendra Ratnoo has said.

Addressing a meeting here on Friday, Mr. Ratnoo, said officials should launch intensive campaigns against use-and-throw plastic products and bring about attitudinal change among the public. The government servants should become role models by strictly using cloth bags.

He exhorted officials to create anti-plastic awareness right from the grass roots level. “If officials working in rural bodies can wage war against plastic with the help of villagers, it will be more effective. They should be empowered to take action against those who produce, stock, sell and use plastic goods. The next 30 days should be utilised to weed out these banned products from all schools and colleges. He urged the officials to televise short films on plastic ban on local channels and to use the social media effectively in the campaign against plastic. The anti-plastic campaign should reach every nook and corner of the district.

Collector Sandeep Nanduri, Corporation Commissioner Alby John Varghese, Sub-Collector Prashant and District Forest Officer Samapth participated in the meeting.

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