The State government has decided to come out with a comprehensive policy on the agriculture sector in the coming days.

The government is reported to have given its go ahead to the Centre for Good Governance to prepare the draft of the policy outlining the strengths that can be leveraged and the challenges that need to be overcome to make farming sustainable in the longer term.

A comprehensive and workable policy is necessitated as it will instil confidence among farmers that the government is on their side to protect them in the event of risks and make agriculture profitable.

Accordingly, the CGG had been asked to design an enabling policy for providing overall direction and develop appropriate strategies besides supporting the implementation of different programmes/schemes launched to ensure full-fledged development of the sector.

The State has more than 55% population dependent on agriculture and 86% of the landholdings are of small and marginal farmers. But agriculture sector contributes to a meagre 8.1% to the gross state value addition which called for increased government focus on the sector.

“The policy will focus on the challenges faced by the State and advantages it has. The effort will be on how to build on the current strengths overcoming the challenges,” a senior knowledge manager of the CGG told
The Hindu

The CGG was confident of preparing the draft in the next couple of weeks, but the announcement of a full-fledged policy could take some more time.

“The draft has to go back and forth between the CGG and the government before taking a final shape. It will take a couple of months for the process,” the official said.

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