Most projects under the Delhi government’s Green Budget initiative are on track, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Wednesday.

Mr. Sisodia, who is also the Finance Minister, on Wednesday reviewed the progress of the 26-point plan he had presented in March as a part of the Budget 2018-2019. He said 21 of 26 projects were “on track” and five — two each of the Transport Department and the Public Works Department and one of the Forest Department — were “off track”.

In a statement, the government said the project to increase greenery was “in full swing”, and that 30 lakh trees and shrubs should be planted by September 30. The government’s policy for group net metering to encourage solar energy was “proceeding well”, the statement added. The project to install solar panels on the roof of 500 government schools would be completed in nine months, the statement said.

In addition, incentives to promote clean fuels that were announced in the Budget would be finalised soon and a special Cabinet meeting would be called next week, the statement said.

‘Chinese manjha’ ban

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Imran Hussain directed the Department and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee to implement the ban on “Chinese manjha” after reviewing the status of the ban.

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