Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner K. Vijayakarthikeyan launched grow bags made of cloth, manufactured by entrepreneur S. Siva Shankar of Coimbatore, recently.

Launching the bags, he said it was an alternative, a healthier one at that, to plastic bags used to carry saplings.

Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore’s R. Raveendran said it was yet another attempt using the Corporation’s platform to promote people manufacturing products that were alternatives to plastics.

Mr. Siva Shankar said he came up with the idea because he felt uncomfortable with the very idea of plastics being used for saplings for greening drive.

“Imagine, if an organisation were to plant a few thousand or lakhs of saplings, there will be as many plastic grow bags discarded that are detrimental to environment. This is what triggered me to manufacture grow bags of cloth.”

String bags

Mr. Shankar has also manufactured small string bags to store seeds.

His other products include cloth bags of various shapes and sizes. Though he has been in the business for quite sometime, his big break came during Codissia’s book fair in 2017.

“Last year, I sold bags worth Rs. 10,000. This year, alone, I’ve sold bags worth Rs. 20,000.”

Mr. Shankar said the sale of cloth bag reflected the people’s search for an alternative to plastics because unless alternative was available the fight against plastics would be meaningless.

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