Dissensions have surfaced in the Bhoranj unit of BJP and the party leadership, which is aimed at forming the government again in 2022, is rather displeased about it.

During the fourth death anniversary of former BJP minister ID Dhiman at his Diyalri residence in Bhoranj two days ago, his son Anil Dhiman signalled to his father’s friends and followers that he was intending to contest the next elections from Bhoranj. While hundreds of party members and even Congress leaders were present on the occasion, BJP’s Bhoranj MLA Kamlesh Kumari was not invited.

This has irked the party’s top leaders who have decided to hold meetings with the party cadre of the constituency seeking reconciliation among them.

The BJP has been winning the Bhoranj seat, earlier known as Mewa (reserve) seat, outclassing the Congress every time.

However, the signal of revolt by former MLA Anil Dhiman has revealed that all is not well in BJP’s Bhoranj unit.

Anil Dhiman had won the by-election after the death of his father by a margin of 8,290 votes. He had defeated Promila Devi of Congress. However, he was denied the party ticket in the general elections and Kamlesh Kumari was elected. She had won the election defeating Suresh Kumar of Congress by more than 6,900 votes.

Sources in the BJP say that the confidants of Dhiman family and senior BJP workers are unhappy with the party leadership for ignoring their leader, Anil Dhiman. There are also indications that a powerful Congress lobby is trying to bring Dhiman into its fold and field him from the Bhoranj seat in the 2022 elections.

Infighting flares up in Cong over PRI polls

Supporters of senior Congress leaders Suresh Kumar and Prem Kaushal of Bhoranj assembly segment virtually came to blows when Kaushal was delivering a speech during the party meeting in Hamirpur on Wednesday. Kaushal said that wrong allotment of tickets was the main reason for the party’s defeat in all elections including the last Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) elections. This infuriated his old rival Suresh Kumar and both exchanged words while their supporters too entered the arena. However, Inder Dutt Lakhanpal, MLA from Badsar assembly constituency, intervened and prevented the groups from fighting. He told them to behave in a decent manner and not make a mockery of the party discipline.

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