Accusing Bombay Karnataka leaders of being “insensitivity” to issues concerning Hyderabad Karnataka, Gurushant Pattedar, a Dalit leader, has said that people from Hyderabad Karnataka will not support the demand for statehood. Addressing a media conference here on Sunday, Mr. Pattedar said that activists and organisations in Hyderabad Karnataka region, cutting across political affiliations and ideologies, were unanimous in distancing themselves for the demand for statehood.

“The people of Hyderabad Karnataka are facing a lot of problems for a long time now. We have been struggling to fight backwardness. The leaders of Bombay Karnataka never bothered to respond to our woes, be it irrigation or other development concerns. Rather, they ‘discriminated against us’. Now, they are calling for statehood. It is a conspiracy to continue their hegemony over Hyderabad Karnataka,” he said.

Holding elected representatives from Hyderabad Karnataka partially responsible for the backwardness of the region, Mr. Pattedar urged people to raise their voice against all political parties and pressure them to take up their issues in the Legislature and Parliament for the development of the region.

“Despite the special status for Hyderabad Karnataka region under Article 371(J) of the Constitution, the region continues to be neglected due to the improper implementation of the special status programmes. If this attitude of the people in power towards the region continues as before, we may have to call for statehood for Hyderabad Karnataka region in the future. But, we will not go with Bombay Karnataka,” he said.

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