Enraged over the ‘personal comments’ made by YSR Congress Party president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy against their leader Pawan Kalyan, activists of Jana Sena party tried to burn his effigy at the busy Nalugukalla Mandapam Junction in Tirupati on Wednesday.

The activists led by Kiran Royal came in a procession carrying a huge banner and beat it with slippers. They questioned the manner in which a ‘corrupt’ politician had made cheap comments on their leader, adding that it was unbecoming of an Opposition leader. “Making comments agains

t a leader is not objected to, but stooping to such a level will not be tolerated,” Mr. Royal said.

When they attempted to set fire to the effigy, police swooped down on them and seized it. The agitators were also chased away.

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