Blocking a main road on the JNU campus to fry pakoras protesting against PM Narendra Modi’s remark that selling pakoras counts as employment proved to be a costly affair for four students affiliated to the NSUI. The administration has slapped a fine of Rs. 20,000 on each of them.

Another student from the NSUI has been fined Rs. 10,000 for shouting slogans while the remaining ceremony of the JNU Central Library was in progress in April.

The proctorial inquiry against Manish Kumar Meena who was fined Rs. 20,000, says that he was found blocking the road near Sabarmati bus stand and at the T-point near the administration block due to which inconvenience was caused to students, teachers, staff, visitors and schoolchildren.

The letters received by the students from the proctor’s office, states that keeping in mind career prospects, the Vice-Chancellor has taken a somewhat lenient view in the matter.

In a semester riddled with protests, several students are facing a tough time registering for the new semester this week as they have been fined by the proctor’s office for their indiscipline.

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