Makkal Needhi Maiam founder Kamal Haasan will announce a list of key party functionaries across the districts of Tamil Nadu on July 12, say party sources.

An executive committee member of MNM said that the appointment of these office-bearers to important posts would go a long way in dispelling the myth that the actor-turned-politician was taking a top-down approach in building the party without empowering cadres.

“Kamal Haasan has been personally involved in the creation of the party infrastructure to ensure that the party has a robust structure. It is not true that he doesn’t connect with cadre on the ground,” according to the executive committee member.

The announcement is likely to bring cheer to thousands of cadres, who have been waiting for appointments to party posts since the launch of MNM in February. “He will announce the first round of appointments to certain key posts, district-wise on July 12. He will unfurl the party flag in the party office that day as he was particular about getting official recognition from Election Commission,” says a senior party leader.

In touch with all

Senior partymen say the announcements will dispel the myth that the party is being built from the top. “Kamal sir has his ears to the ground — he keeps in touch with the last man — be it in Gobichettypalayam or Gudalur,” he said.

In an effort to ensure “smooth communication” between him and the “last cadre standing on the street corner”, Mr. Haasan is reportedly working with a team to create and put into use an intra-party tool. The tool would facilitate one way communication and two-way communication, if need be.

“All we know is that three teams — from Chennai, the United States and Bengaluru — are reportedly working on it. Kamal Sir is personally meeting them and involved in the project,” according to the source.

He will unfurl the the party flag in the party office that day as he is particular about getting EC recognition

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