Governor P. Sathasivam has said that campus politics is not advisable as students need to first complete their studies successfully.

“Generally, it’s not permissible to have any organisation inside the campus. First, they have to complete their studies, think of the future. How many persons had borrowed loan from a bank, how many parents had spent money (for education)? These things we have to keep the students aware of,” he told mediapersons after a meeting of vice chancellors at the Cochin University of Science and Technology here on Monday.

Mr. Sathasivam made this observation while responding to a specific query on whether some organisations were trying to experiment with the politics of terror on campuses through the brutal killing of a student at Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam.

Stating that he had to accept the Kerala High court stance on campus politics, the Governor, who is the Chancellor of the State universities, pointed out that students were free to join any profession, including politics, after coming out of the campuses.

“I am not saying that they need not lean towards a political party. (There’s) nothing wrong. First they have to finish the studies. Let students get employment. They have to keep out of any politics, if they want to come out successful,” he said.

Govt stance

Asked whether his position on campus politics remains in contravention of the government stance, Mr. Sathasivam said they might have different views. “It has nothing to do with the administration of government or justice. Now the matter is seized with the court. And they had asked the government to respond. It may come this week or next week. Ultimately, we have to abide by the court’s decision. Whatever they say, it may be good for the interest of the student community,” he said.

Sexual harassment cases

Referring to the need to act against sexual harassment cases on campuses, the Governor said Vice Chancellors should ensure that all affiliated institutions should enforce the guidelines of the Supreme Court in setting up internal complaint committees to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace.

Asked whether the present and previous governments were not in nod with his interventions made in the higher education sector, especially those related to the appointment of Vice Chancellors, Mr. Sathasivam said he knew the duties and functions of the Governor as the constitutional head of the State. “The head of the State is not concerned about the previous or present government,” he said, while reminding that he had appointed Vice Chancellors after being satisfied with their qualification and eligibility.

Chancellor’s award

The Governor also hoped that the government would continue with the Chancellor’s Award for the best university to bring competition among varsities besides motivating the institutions to perform better.

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