Nidhi Kukreja, the mother of 19-year-old Janhvi Kukreja who was found dead in a Khar building on January 1 following a New Year’s Eve party, met Mumbai Police commissioner Param Bir Singh on Tuesday, demanding justice for her daughter. Kukreja requested for a thorough probe and said her daughter’s case must be tried in a fast-track court. Janhvi’s parents asked Singh to accelerate the case so that they could get closure as well as to set a precedent for other youth.

Janhvi’s boyfriend, Shree Jodhankar, and a friend, Diya Padankar, have been arrested for murder and assault.

An emotional Kukreja said she and her husband had trusted Janhvi’s friends and had allowed her to go with them but they killed her daughter. “I had sent Janhvi with friends and not strangers. A friend’s job is to protect,” said Kukreja.

She and her husband said that even if there was a fight between two people, it was the duty of the other friends to stop them. “The statements of all the party attendees should be taken as it is shocking that no one heard my daughter’s screams. We are also trying to find out what exactly happened between the friends that it ended up in her murder and why did Shree Jodhankar flee the spot if it was an accidental death,” said Nidhi.

The police on Tuesday had collected forensic evidence from the rooftop, where the party was held, as well as from the spot (second-floor staircase) where the body was found, and sent them for analysis. They are also probing if Janhvi was sexually assaulted.

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