Mohammedali Shihab, the young District Collector of Nagaland’s Kiphire, is set to make waves among students in schools and colleges in Kerala.

He first came into public attention in 2011 when he cracked the Civil Services exam through sheer perseverance and hard work, after having had to spend a considerable part of his childhood at an orphanage at Mukkam.

‘Sure to touch hearts’

Now, he is set to inspire the young minds by telling them his story in a language they would love to read.

Celebrated Malayalam writer N.S. Madhavan, who will release Mr. Shihab’s book titled
(‘fingertip’) at the K.P. Kesava Menon Hall at Kozhikode on Saturday, says the young IAS officer’s story will surely touch the hearts of children.

Mr. Shihab says that it is not his full autobiography. But the book talks about his childhood experiences in lucid Malayalam, until his arrival at the L.B.S. National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.

His name is etched in the hearts of every rural campus in the Malabar region. No talk about the Civil Services is complete on those campuses without a mention of Mr. Shihab’s inspiring tale of fortitude.

“That’s an amazing thing we find on our campuses,” said Ahamed Saju, a young entrepreneur from Kondotty.

Focus on rural areas

Mr. Shihab firmly believes that he has a responsibility to lift the underprivileged by touching their hearts at the right moment. He believes that the future belongs to children from rural areas.

Some of his friends say that if his story cannot inspire a village student, then none will.

“They have great strength. We should explore their potential. And they can certainly make it to the top,” Mr. Shihab reiterated the words he uttered seven years ago, in his second interview to
The Hindu

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