It was a journey into understanding the progressive rule of Mir Osman Ali Khan in Hyderabad dominions at Sheela Raj Memorial Lecture on Socio-Economic and Political Conditions during the period of the VII Nizam by Bhangya Bhukya. “Taxation was high in British India, while it was low in Nizam’s Hyderabad and that’s what drew a number of Marwari families to the city,” said Mr. Bhukya, who teaches history at University of Hyderabad.

“Telugu literature portrays the Nizam’s rule in poor light while the history written in English is in contrast to that. I think this is a wrong approach,” said Mr. Bhukya in his lecture at Salar Jung Museum. On the occasion,
Saga of a Kayasth Family,
written by Narayan Raj, was released.

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